Our week 15/5-21/5/17

This has been a long stressful week!

I started full time hours back at work which is taking some time to get use to especially with Mr D’s new shifts and Chloe at nursery and after school club.

Mr D (or Me Bean as I am now calling him) sliced his hand open on Thursday by putting an extra whole in his belt with the biggest kitchen knife he could find. So that meant a nice few hours up A&E. He is now stitched and bandaged up.

On the parenting front it has been extremely stressful and Chloe is learning to push boundaries. I have been shouty mama all weekend. 3 is definitely the hardest age.

Yesterday me and Chloe went to a story telling event at Barkingside to listen to a reading of The cat in the hat with Lizzie and Lisa which was fun and the girls had a good time.

Today we headed over to hainault park with a picnic to enjoy the sunshine that has finally arrived.

I am now counting down the minutes to bedtime for Miss Chloe so I can collapse in front of the t.v.  ready for a new week.

Hope you have all had a great week.

Mummy Em x


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