Our week 22/5-28/5/17

The weather this week has been lush which means my annual attempt (and failing miserably) at applying fake tan. I honestly suck at this!

Work and nursery as normal for me and Chloe this week but luckily I managed to book friday off at the last minute which means a 4 day weekend.

On Friday we headed to Southend for the day. We were a bit late setting off as Mr D went to have his stitches out. His hand has not healed just yet so some of the stitches have been kept in until Tuesday. 

Southend was beautiful. When we arrived it was lunch time so we had lunch on the beachfront. With the sun shining it felt like we were was abroad.

The adventure island was closed which was disappointing, so instead we got the train to the end of the pier and back. Ive never done this before and would highly recommend.

Saturday we went to Smyths toyshop in Gallions Reach to help celebrate their birthday. Chloe got a goodie bag and candy floss All before 10am so was on a sugar high. Plus I got to finish holiday shopping for Chloe.

Today we went to our favourite  Bedfords Park for a nice walk and to feed the deers. 

Now we are chilling before Chloe’s bedtime and then me and Mr D are gonna crack on with Breaking Bad.

Hope you have had a great week.

Mummy Em x


3 thoughts on “Our week 22/5-28/5/17

  1. Sounds like such a lovely day!
    I struggle with fake tan too and can completely relate to a 10am sugar high.
    I hope you’re enjoying Breaking Bad, it was mine and the hubby’s favourite series for ages!

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