When life gets in the way of your plans

Sometime things don’t go according to plan. 

Our holiday to Devon has been cancelled last minute due to Mr D’s work commitments. As you remember Mr D sliced his hand open and started a new job all in the same week which as you can imagine has meant alot of stress and re-organising in relation to holidays and plans.

Luckily when we go to Devon we stay with Mr D’s dad (Papa D) so we have not lost anything in regards to deposits. And hopefully we can arrange a weekend visit later in the year.

So now I have 10 days at home with Miss Chloe so far I have planned strawberry picking, swimming, lunch with an old school friend and a day with Nanny as well as a village fair with the gang (auntie Lisa, uncle Peter and Lizzie)

Although I am disappointed about not going to Devon as I could REALLY do with a holiday, I do believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes life takes over and your plans take a back seat.

Now all that is needed is for the sunshine to return!

Mummy Em x


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