Our week 5/6 – 11/6/2017

This week the sunshine has returned, Wahoo!

As you may have read our holiday plans have changed last minute but that means I have 10 days off with Miss Chloe and I can’t wait. Unfortunately Mr D is at work all week, but we are super proud of him working hard to get a new job he loves so we will Let him off.

On Thursday to start my staycation we went to Cammas Hall strawberry picking. Is recommend this if your looking for something nice to do in the sunshine.

Friday me and Miss Chloe headed to the local park for a few hours and Saturday we all went to Harlow park for a picnic and to visit the farm. This place is great as it is all free and you can spend the whole day there either in the park or head to the walled water garden. Or if you can find the playground which we didn’t mange to find!

Today we went to Abridge Village fair for a classic car show with the gang. We had a great time in the sunshine looking at some beautiful classic cars and enjoying seafood. Miss Chloe even managed to get me on a rollercoaster.

Now everyone is in bed after a super busy few days and I am looking forward to my week off work.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Mummy Em x


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