Saturday’s now I’m a mama

I use to love the weekend. The long lay ins, afternoon shopping trips, late lunches and spontaneous night’s out.

But all that has changed now I’m a mama.

Here is what my Saturday’s now look like

  • Wake up at the arse crack of dawn by the threenager shouting “mama,mama I’m not gonna ask you again to come here!”
  • Cold coffee and soggy toast inhaled in a hurry after a 3 minutes shower.
  • Housework is usually a quick wipe round with a baby wipe and toys crammed back into the toy box
  • The super fun day planned for the threenager goes tits up when you realise that it seemed more fun in your mind then actually taking the threenager with you!
  • Give in to the hundredth demand for nuggets and chips and forget about trying to get them to consume anything green.
  • Bedtime is basically the threenager asking for ALL the books to be read and for declaring that they are really thirsty/hungry/hot/cold/happy/sad.
  • Once they have finally fallen to sleep the idea of doing anything remotely fun like watching a film or eating dinner seems like too much hard work so you spend the few hours before bed dicking about on your phone and eating all the treats you have hidden from the threenager and husband!

Happy Saturday folks.

Mummy Em x


5 thoughts on “Saturday’s now I’m a mama

  1. Our weekend was exhausting. I feel sorry for my husband when Friday evening comes around because he might have finished work for the week but there is still so much more to be done at home. One of our children is disabled and I need him to step up over the weekend so that I can get a little physical rest and sometimes just so that I can get out of the house alone.

    And then we don’t enjoy the evening together as we are too tired.

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  2. Hi Mummy Em, Saturdays can be my least favourite day of the week, but I don’t envy you yours! I’ve happily left the days of toddlerhood behind, now I just spend my time playing at being a taxi driver!
    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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