Our week 26/6 – 2/7/2017

This week has been our first proper week of getting in to our new routine and so far so good. 

Mr D has been working like a dog so we have hardly seen him but we are looking forward to some family time on Saturday.

Me and Chloe have done the usually work/nursery thing during the week. 

Poor Chloe seems to have a bit of a tummy bug at the moment. She is fine in herself and her appetite is there still. Fingers crossed is just a 48 hour thing!

Yesterday we went to a fair at Fairlop Waters which is just opposite Chloe’s nursery. We went with Auntie Lisa and Lizzie and as always the girls had a fab time. I mean what’s not to love when your day involves pizza, rides and ice cream?

Today we was supposed to be meeting our friends for a picnic but due to chloe’s poor belly we had to cancel. Fingers crossed we can rearrange soon. So it was a sofa day for us, which sometimes is needed.

Mr D has now gone to work and Chloe is asleep and I think it’ll be an early night for me too!

Hope you have had a good week.

Mummy Em x 


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