Our week 3/7 -9/7/17

This week has been pretty quiet. Chloe was still poorly on Monday so we both stayed at home. Luckily whatever bug she had picked up soon disappeared and her appitite is back bigger and better then ever!
The weather this week has been lush and as a little treat on Wednesday me and Chloe had ice cream for dinner. Chloe had eyes bigger then her belly and more ice cream around her face then in her belly but it made a nice change.

Today we went Theydon Bois with Lizzie auntie Lisa and Uncle Peter  for their annual donkey derby which compared to last year was really disappointing. It was really busy and the girls couldn’t get on any of the rides due to the long ques. So we stayed for a race and then headed to Epping for a yummy lunch at Wildwoods followed by tea and cake at Auntie Lisa’s.

Chloe bless her bounced away on the trampoline for a good hour and by the time we got in was so tired she just laid on the sofa. She is now tucked up in bed.

I’m relaxing on the sofa ready for the new week ahead!

Hope you have all had a good week. 

Mummy Em x 


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