Our week 17/7-23/7/2017

Well this week has been busy busy busy! Mr D has worked all week and Chloe has been at nursery everyday. 

On Wednesday me and Chloe went for ice cream after nursery and a mooch around the pet shop and I totally fell in love with a beautiful German Shepherd puppy. 

We have been toying with the idea of getting a dog for a little while as I think it would be a great companion for Chloe and is good security as Mr D works night’s. We would ideally like a puppy so they can get use to Chloe and grow up together, but also like the idea of re-homing an older dog. With that in mind today we went to Dog’s Trust Basildon for a look. It is heart breaking seeing all those dogs that look so sad and many of them have had a hard life. But many of them are not good around small children of cats, of which we have 2!

So it is back to the drawing board with regards to the newest member of the Devere household. 

In other news I’m trying to be healthy and due to health reasons have had to cut out meat, bread, fizzy drinks and fatty food from my diet so I have been eating alot of salads and trying to increase my fruit intake. 

Once Miss Chloe is in bed tonight will mainly consists of catching up on Breaking Bad and demolishing a profitarole pyramid in bed with Mr D. Living the dream!

Hope you have had a good week.

Love mummy Em x


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