Colchester Zoo *Review*

For our anniversary we wanted to go on a family day out and where better than the zoo? Or so we thought.

We were toying between London zoo and Colchester but in the end choose Colchester as it was closer but in hindsight I wish we made the trip to London.

We arrived at 9.30am when it opened and qued to get in which I suppose is standard for a Saturday but what really shocked me was the price, for the 3 of us it was over Β£70.

As we arrived early we decided we would grab breakfast and skip lunch as I knew it would be busy. There was plenty of choice for food whether hot or cold or just a slice of cake and cup of tea.

After breakfast we made our way out to explore and from the start I have to say I was really dissappointed. There is no clear route to take around the zoo and we found we were doing laps around the same area, and you can imagine how much fun that is with a 3 year old!

When we did finally find the animals they were either hiding, asleep or not in the enclosure. And speaking of enclosures they seemed empty ans unkept and the one for the orangutane seemed far too small and the poor thing actually looked sad and sat in the corner.

My favourite part was seeing the zebra, elephants and giraffe as this is the part that felt like a zoo and it was the only part with any staff interaction or talks going on.

We spent a good 5 hours at the zoo and I think we spent 4 hours of that was spent walking trying to find the animals.

It was a really disappointing day out. And although Chloe enjoyed it, I think they could improve it by having more clear sign post for you to actually find the animals. I have a feeling we missed half the attractions they have available due to not being able find it.

The highlight for Chloe was a train ride, but again this wasn’t easy to find and the trail was one that could have been walked and the guide didn’t tell you anything you couldn’t have read from a sign.

I am always sad to have to write a review of a local attraction that we didnt enjoy but I think it is important to highlight the good and bad with places especially when it is a costly day out.

I would love to hear what you thought of your visit.

Mummy Em x


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