Our week 30/7 – 6/8/2027

This week the sun has put in a bit of an appearance which is always nice.

Monday I woke up in in agony with my hernia. I have a hiatus hernia which effects what I can and can not eat due to severe heartburn and chest pain. I went into work but within half an hour I was making my way home.

The Dr’s are being a bit useless at the moment but I have got another appointment this week so hopefully i will get a better outcome as at the moment it is awful and effects everything I do.

Anyway Tuesday we headed to the park with Mr D which made a lovely change and meant Chloe burnt some energy off before bed.

The rest of the week was standard work/nursery in the Devere house.

On Saturday it was my mum’s birthday so me and Chloe headed over there with my brother, sister in law & Lizzie. I have a bit of a strained relationship with my mum so it was good to have my brother there.

We then headed to my favourite restuarant called Luppolo in Wanstead http://luppolopizza.com/ if your ever in the area it is well worth a visit.

Me and Chloe had to rush home as we had our special guest arriving. We were dog sitting Buzz the french bulldog for Chloe’s nursery manager.

We was supposed to have him for the week, but things haven’t quite gone to plan and now Buzz is staying with another friend. It is a shame as Chloe absolutely loved him and he was so good with her but my poor old cats on the other hand, not so good or accommodating!

Chloe has already fallen asleep, but considering she woke up at 5.30am I an not surprised! I am gonna have a quick tidy up and a shower and I think I’ll be asleep before 10pm.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Mummy Em x


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