Mummy Milestones

We have all seen the baby milestone cards, baby’s first smile, first tooth, first steps. This got me thinking about all the mummy milestones. The difference between baby and mummy milestones is that the baby ones are things you are expecting to celebrate, I mean who was not the proudest parent when your little bundle…… Continue reading Mummy Milestones

Our week 7/8 – 13/8/2017

Wahoo Mr sunshine is finally back. The week has been pretty quiet with work and nursery. On Tuesday Miss Chloe & Mr D had a daddy/daughter day over our local park which is such a great place as it has a sandpit and two playgrounds and the best thing is it is hardly ever busy!…… Continue reading Our week 7/8 – 13/8/2017

Anniversary weekend away

In July me and Mr D celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. On the day of our anniversary we had spent the day at Colchester Zoo and thought we would make a weekend of it and booked into a local hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Colchester which was just 10 minutes from…… Continue reading Anniversary weekend away