Our week 7/8 – 13/8/2017

Wahoo Mr sunshine is finally back. The week has been pretty quiet with work and nursery. On Tuesday Miss Chloe & Mr D had a daddy/daughter day over our local park which is such a great place as it has a sandpit and two playgrounds and the best thing is it is hardly ever busy!…… Continue reading Our week 7/8 – 13/8/2017

Our week 3/7 -9/7/17

This week has been pretty quiet. Chloe was still poorly on Monday so we both stayed at home. Luckily whatever bug she had picked up soon disappeared and her appitite is back bigger and better then ever! The weather this week has been lush and as a little treat on Wednesday me and Chloe had…… Continue reading Our week 3/7 -9/7/17

Our week 26/6 – 2/7/2017

This week has been our first proper week of getting in to our new routine and so far so good.  Mr D has been working like a dog so we have hardly seen him but we are looking forward to some family time on Saturday. Me and Chloe have done the usually work/nursery thing during… Continue reading Our week 26/6 – 2/7/2017