Saturday’s now I’m a mama

I use to love the weekend. The long lay ins, afternoon shopping trips, late lunches and spontaneous night’s out. But all that has changed now I’m a mama. Here is what my Saturday’s now look like Wake up at the arse crack of dawn by the threenager shouting “mama,mama I’m not gonna ask you again…… Continue reading Saturday’s now I’m a mama

Happy birthday MummyEmBlog

Today is mummyemblog’s first birthday! It has been an amazing year and I have achieved so much more than I thought possible in my first year. I have written over 200 blog post and have made some absolutely lovely friends. I can’t wait to see where we are next year! Happy birthday to me. Mummy…… Continue reading Happy birthday MummyEmBlog

Our week 5/6 – 11/6/2017

This week the sunshine has returned, Wahoo! As you may have read our holiday plans have changed last minute but that means I have 10 days off with Miss Chloe and I can’t wait. Unfortunately Mr D is at work all week, but we are super proud of him working hard to get a new…… Continue reading Our week 5/6 – 11/6/2017

Strawberry picking at Cammas Hall

On Thursday we went to Cammas Hall for Strawberry picking, a very quintessentially British activity, and something on my June wish list. Unfortunately the weather on Thursday was  typical british summer time and was overcast and windy, but that didn’t stop us. When we arrived Miss Chloe clocked the big outside playground and neither me…… Continue reading Strawberry picking at Cammas Hall