Easter baking

I asked Chloe what she wanted to do today whilst putting her to bed last night.  Her first request was basketball! And then making cakes. Cakes I can do (obviously not hard ones or making from scratch but rice Crispy cakes I am a pro at!)

So this morning 8.30am we all went to Aldi in our pyjamas to get enough chocolate and eggs to feed a small army to make Easter Cakes.

Whilst Chloe finished her breakfast I got everything out. We made rice Crispy cakes, rocky road bites and decorated a pre-made chocolate cake with extra frosting and mini eggs.

As always Chloe insisted on tasting all the ingredients before starting.

We started with the easiest of the 3 which was decorating the cake. I so wish I could bake but I absolutely suck at it. I think it is because you have to be exact with measurements where as I’m a chuck it all in kind it cook.

Next up was the rocky road bites. This is my type of baking chuck everything in a bowl, mix and leave. We used cherries, rich tea biscuits, mini marshmallows and mini filled eggs. After the they had set in the fridge for half an hour I topped with chocolate frosting (pre-made obviously) and mini eggs.

Finally we made Rice  Crispy cakes topped with mini eggs. When I say we  I mean me. By this point Chloe was bored and decided she would rather watch TV!

Now all we need to do is enjoy them tomorrow on our Easter egg hunt.

Mummy Em x 


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